SnapSave Android Apk: If you are searching for the best app to download Snapchat Images/Videos/Stories then you have landed on a perfect page. In this article, we are going to see the best Android apps to download Snapchat Images, Stories & Videos. Snapchat is one of the best Social media networking app using which you can post your favourite photos, Videos, and Stories. Well, Snapchat has become very popular recent times. Everything is well & good in Snapchat expect the absence of download option for Photos, Videos & Stories.

However, Snapchat has a peculiar option called “Privacy“, due to which the photo or video will last for only 24 hours. However, if Snapchat has an option to download Images or Videos & Stories then it would be fantastic.But there is no official download option in the Snapchat app to download Photos or Stories. Don’t worry Amigos..! for every problem there is one solution. So here we are going to see the best Android applications using which you download Snapchat Images or Videos or Stories. So what are you waiting for for.?

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Best Apps to Save Snapchat Photos, Videos & Stories

Here I have listed down the best Snapsave Android apps and their features. Read all the five app features and choose the best one that will satisfy your needs and likes.


SNAPSAVE APK will give you a feel like you are using the Snapchat app itself. It serves all the features of Snapchat including “Save” option for Photos, Videos & Stories. But the official Snapsave app is not available on Google Play store So you need to download the apk file from third party sites and install the same. 

Features of Snapsave Apk

  • Save Snapchat Images, Videos & Stories
  • Receiver won’t get any notification that you have downloaded his Image or Video
  • Very easy to use and awesome user interface
  • Direct installation allowed no need to root your Android Device.

Below is the download link for Snapsave APK Android apk file

Download Snapsave Android Apk


After downloading Snapsave app apk from the above download link you need enable the below option.

Since it is from third party site you need to enable Install apps from Unknow sources from the Settings–>Privay–>Unknows Sources–>Check.

After checking the above check box open the downloaded apk file and install it like regular apk apps and accept to all the proceedings. That’s it now you will be able to see Snapsave app on your home screen.

2) Casper APK

Casper application was officially developed by SavemySnaps app. Casper also serves all features of Snapchat including saving Photos, Videos & Stories. In addition to that Casper has an option to forward the same Photos, Videos & Stories to your friends using social networks like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc. Also, It has some Emojis & Custom filters which will add some more beauty to your photos or videos. Casper app is only Available for Android devices.

Below is the download link for Casper apk file. Make sure to check Install apps from Unknown sources in the privacy settings. Also, check Good Snapchat Names and make you Snapchat account more awesome.

Download Casper Apk

3) Snapchat Saver

The third one in our list is Snapchat Saver app. This app also features all the options of Snapchat & Casper. The only change you will find is the UI(User Experience). Snapchat Saver also enables you to download Snapchat Photos, Videos & Stories. This app also won’t available on Google Play store. We need to download the apk file and need to install the same. Below is the download link of Snapchat Saver apk file,

Download Snapchat Saver Apk

4) SaveMySnaps

SavemySnaps app is only available for Android users and also you can download Photos, videos & Stories from the Snapchat. However, Downloading is an option in this app, not an automated one. So if you want to view any Snapchat Photo or Video you need to download first and then see. Below is the download link button for SaveMySnaps apk file,

Download SaveMySnaps Apk

5) SnapKeep

SnapKeep also serves the same features like the above 4 apps. All you need to do is download it and experience once before finalizing which one to choose. Snapkeep also enables users to download Snapchat Images, Videos & Stories. All these 5 Snapsave Android apps are not available on Google Play store so you need to install using apk file. Below is the download link button for SnapKeep apk file,

Download SnapKeep Apk

There are two more apps of Snapsave Android i.e

  • SnapBox
  • SnapCrack

These two are very popular but only compatible with iOS devices and not for Android devices. No worries amigo’s the above five apps will give you the same experience like iOS apps. Check out Snapsave iPhone/iOS link which will list you top 3 apps for saving Snapchat photos and videos in iOS devices. 

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How to Save Snapchat Images, Videos & Stories without using any app

Below are the three methods using which you can download Snapchat Images or Videos without any application.

  1. Using Data Recovery Software: As the Photo or video will delete automatically within 10 seconds, you can get back the same snap or video using any data recovery software like Disk Gragger or Recuva. If you feel like installing Snapsave apps is better than data recovery software’s then you can proceed with your wish.
  2. Using File Manager: If you have ES file explorer or Astro file explorer then you can easily get back your deleted snap from that. As the received snap will last for 10 seconds, you can download the same from temporary files folder in ES/Astro file manager.
  3. ScreenShot: It’s very simple and easy. Before 10 seconds got happen you can easily save that snap using Screenshot shortcuts like Lock button + Volume down. (Different shortcut keys for different Phones)

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That’s it Amigo’s, The above apps are the best five Snapsave android apps to download Snapchat Images, Videos & Stories. Do let me know in the below comment section with your favorite app among the above five. If you like this article please share the same using the below social sharing buttons. If you find any other app like Snapsave Android do let us know in the below comment section so that our readers will get benefited.

Thanks & Cheers..!


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